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5 Nigerian sauces that would save you from buying tomatoes

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Upon being able to get, the quantity is lesser than what you could have gotten on a normal day and is being sold five to ten times the normal price. With this, it would be good for us to explore the other sauces we could make without using tomatoes.

Tomatoes are used by most Nigerians as it is being used to make stew and cook other meals. As a result of the inflation in the price, people are starting to look for alternative means of making sauces that would make their meals as nice as possible. There are a number of Nigerian sauces that one could make without using tomatoes and we would be looking at some of them in this piece. Find below some of the sauces you could make without using tomatoes:
1. Garden egg sauce
Nigerian sauces you could make without using tomatoes
This is a very delicious sauce; many people prefer using this sauce to eat yam. It is a popular delicacy in the southern part of Nigeria. People often substitute garden eggs for tomatoes when making this sauce. The garden eggs are boiled till they are soft and other ingredients like dried pepper, smoked fish, palm oil and spices could be added to make the sauce. The garden egg sauce could also be used to eat other foods like rice and plantain.
2. Ofada stew
Nigerian sauces you could make without using tomatoes
Although this Nigerian sauce is eaten along with a particular type of rice called Ofada, it could also be used to eat other foods like spaghetti, plantain, yam and white rice too. Ofada stew is easy to make as the ingredients are locally available. Having unripe habanero pepper, tatashe, onions, locust beans, red palm oil, assorted meat and fish will make it possible to make this stew. At this time when it is expensive buying tomatoes, Ofada stew could work wonders.
3. Banga stew
Nigerian sauces you could make without using tomatoes
Banga is popular amongst people from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. It is also known as Ofe Akwu. This stew does not require the use of tomatoes as it is being made by extracting palm oil juice from the palm fruits itself. Getting to make this stew is no joke as it involves series of steps which involves washing and boiling the palm fruits to extract eh palm juice and oil at the same time. At the long run, it is usually worth the stress as the stew is absolutely delicious. Other ingredients that could be added include beef, dry fish, stock fish and other spices. This could be used to eat rice or any other staple food of choice.
4. Miyan kuka stew
Nigerian sauces you could make without using tomatoes
This delicacy is indigenous to the Hausa people in the northern part of Nigeria. The Miyan kuka is also referred to as baobab leaf stew and is mainly eaten with rice. This sauce can be made in place of tomato sauce by using hot peppers, kuka leaves which has been ground to paste, dawadawa (fermented dried locust beans), dried fish, beef, onions, a pinch of potash, palm oil and other spices to add taste. This sauce is one of the favorites of the Hausa people in Nigeria.
5. Ugwu
Nigerian sauces you could make without using tomatoes
Ugwu could be used to make the pumpkin sauce and is widely eaten by people in most parts of Nigeria. Not only will this sauce be a good replacement for tomatoes in this season, it is also a healthy choice as it contains lots of minerals and vitamins. Preparing this sauce is easy and it does not take much of one’s time too. The other ingredients that could be added to this Nigerian sauce are onions, assorted meat or fish, chicken, vegetable oil, pepper and spices to add taste. This sauce can be taken with foods like rice, garri, yam, and other foods of interest.

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