The African foods finally taking off

Sweet ‘n’ sour pork. Lamb bhuna. Cheese quesadillas. Pasta con pomodoro. Famous dishes from Asia, Europe and the Americas have all left their indelible mark on menus around the world. African cuisines, however, have been slow to catch on globally.

The Rolex, a rolled chapatti containing a fried egg and vegetables, is wildly popular in Uganda, but little known outside the country. "Rolex is popular because it is a cheap filling meal that can be found on almost every street," says <a href="" target="_blank">Ugandan food blogger Sophie Musoki</a>.

In Uganda, for example, a dish called “the Rolex” — a rolled chapatti containing a fried egg and vegetables — is wildly popular, but little known outside the country.
Zoe Adjonyoh started her business, <a href="" target="_blank">Zoe's Ghana Kitchen</a>, after spending time in her grandmother's kitchen in Ghana. Adjonyoh's latest venture is a restaurant in a shipping container community project <a href="" target="_blank">Pop Brixton</a>, in South London, where she serves this goat curry.
“Rolex was started by a few university kids,” says Jon Blanc, the director of Ugandan tour company Kabiza Wilderness Safaris.
“Today all over Uganda men cook them on the street. In Rwanda where no street food is allowed, it is served in restaurants.”
These griddled lamb cutlets, cooked by Adjonyoh, are served with a spicy groundnut sauce. She makes <a href="" target="_blank">her groundnut stew </a>with peanut butter, goat, herring, salmon, crabs, onion, tomatoes, garlic and hot peppers.
Now, chefs from the African continent, and beyond, are promoting dishes from their home nations in very different ways online — and making a living from it.
Here’s how they are doing it — and, of course, what you should be eating.
Miriam Kinunda makes dishes with local ingredients such as these Amaranth leaves. She shares the recipes <a href="" target="_blank">on her website</a>, her <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube channel</a> and in her cookbooks.

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