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Don’t Blame Us for Paris Attack – Facebook, Google, Twitter

images (9)In response to a lawsuit that claim they enable terrorist activities, tech giants Facebook, Google and Twitter explained that they wipe out terrorist accounts on their sites, TMZ reports.

This came in the wake of the father of one of the victims of the Paris attacks –that shook the world in the November – suing the tech giants, accusing them of enabling terrorist propaganda.

According to Facebook, their global team aggressively works to remove terrorism content as soon as they become aware of it. They expressed their sympathies but will fight the lawsuit.

Google in its reaction said thatYouTube (which they own) terminates flagged accounts run by terrorist organizations. They declined further comment on the lawsuit.

And Twitter also condemned such accusation that the lawsuit is without merit, adding they condemn acts of violence for which ISIS claims credit and actively work to eliminate any presence promoting terrorism.


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