Wines You Should Drink In New Zealand while Gambling

Do you know of New Zealand wines to drink while gambling? The easiest thing while playing casino and taking wine is to sit down and wait for a waitress. When she comes around, order the drink that you know. There is no necessity of posting too many questions.

Here is how to go with the wines to drink while playing slots and look as an experienced and classy customer:

“Which wine do you have?”

This question is almost irrelevant. It is like asking a waitress question like where is the drink menu. Remember you are at the Casino slot machine, not a dining restaurant. While you are in a Casino slot, there are endless choices. Again do not ask a question like what is good?

Another frustrating order you can make to a waitress is “Bring me anything”. How will server know if you like wine or beer, coffee or mixed drink? She can bring you water as well. Just order what you know you want to drink. Remember, if you want to order something exciting, exotic or new, then it is difficult to find it at a blackjack table or in a casino slot machine. Wines to drink while playing slots are just meant to keep you in a gambling and playful mode. The wines are little perks meant to make you happy while losing and give you something that you are going to celebrate when you win. You should not think hard on it as it is not supposed to be a stressful ordeal.

“What type of wine do you have?”

While you ask such a question, you should be having certain kind of wine in mind. The waitress can answer you that she has a bud, everyone has this; it is annoying to get such an answer.

Ordering much drink at a time

This is against the policies of Casino houses. If you require two wines, and you realize that a waitress gives you one then does not try to give her hard time. Remember, if a waitress is got on camera giving a double shot, she may end up losing her job.

Whispering on a waitress

This is a crime. You should not snap fingers, yell, whistle, tap, touch or even poke any cocktail waitress. You should be professional when ordering wine just like you are professional in your field of specialization. If you do such things, a server will not take your order.

The phrase “I have waited for an hour.”

You are not a human stopwatch in a casino. How do you know that you have waited an hour for the wine? If you wait for that long, then you are either not thirsty or too cheap to visit the bar and buy wine or beer. You may be complaining so as to get a sense of power. But it is always good if you become honest and patient. Make the complaint to be legitimate as much as possible.

Ordering from any other waitress

You should not stop a waitress to order a drink if she is just walking by you. The fact is, you have a waitress who is going to serve you. Do not think that you are being ignored. There is a systematic order they do follow. Just start playing your casino and a waitress will come for your order.

Other tips that you should have in mind while you order wines to drink while playing slots include the following;
• Just order for yourself
• Order wine a waitress is dropping off a drink to your table
• Do not help yourself




While you are playing in casinoes, do not walk to bartender area. It is easy to tell that this is a waitress area as it is blocked off by a wall. This is an effective guide that is going to help you while ordering New Zealand wines to drink while gambling.

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