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Siri gets its first major movie promotional stunt

‘The Secret Life of Pets’ tie-in won’t actually tell you anything about your pets, though.

While Amazon has been furiously releasing updates to keep Alexa abreast of current events (and holiday shopping deals), Apple has been content to keep most of their Siri updates limited to major OS releases. That’ll change with the iTunes release of The Secret Life of Pets, which marks the first time Apple’s virtual assistant has been used to promote a movie release or partnered with a major movie studio.

As 9to5Mac notes, the promotional stunt for The Secret Life of Pets gives Siri 15 somewhat humorous canned responses to the question “What do my pets do when I’m not at home?” When Engadget tried the gimmick, Siri responded with: “I don’t know, but the dog just asked me for a walking route to the nearest park.” And: “I don’t know, but the cat just asked me about the five day forecast for the living room sunny spot.”

Those answers might be cute, but they’re also not quite as smart as say: having Siri pull up your Nest cam highlights or launching your treat cam app. Either way, Apple felt the feature was worth a brief, product-placement heavy Facebook Video commercial:

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