Jennifer Lopez & Drake: His Romantic Promise To Make Their Love Work No Matter What

No ‘Fake Love’ here — Drake and Jennifer Lopez are ‘Forever!’ we have EXCLUSIVELY learned the romantic details of the promise he made to JLo to make their romance work out, no matter what. Read on for the juicy details!

Drake, 30, and Jennifer Lopez, 47, are a modern day Romeo and Juliet! “He’s making a lot of plans and promises right now, and Jennifer is really feeling it, but she’s also taking it with a grain of salt,” a source tells US. “He’s promised to do whatever it takes to see her when things get hectic. For Jen, actions speak louder than words, so she’ll be really happy if he follows though. But if no, she’s cool with that too.” Good idea playing it coy!
As much as we want Jen to run off into the sunset with her knight in shining armor, Drake doesn’t exactly do monogamy that well — and she knows it! The NYE performer has a little for experience than Drake when it comes to dating, so she’s not afraid to call him out on his BS. After the way his relationship with Rihanna crumbled in only a matter of weeks, who can blame Jen for being a little cautious? Drake was full of loving words and gesturers (he even declared his love for RiRi at at the VMAs), but it wasn’t enough to go the distance.

Knowing this, Jen is taking a relaxed approach to their relationship. “She’s enjoying herself and living in the moment,” the source continues. “She’s never felt more empowered, whatever this is with Drake it’s been very good for her.” Hey, even if things don’t work out in the end, Jen is still having the time of her life right now. Her confidence has probably never been higher, and the “One Dance” rapper has snagged himself one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. It’s a win-win!

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