There’s no faster, better way to subtly insult a kid than by giving him a participation award. “Congratulations,” it says, “you at least showed up, but you didn’t do well enough to win any important trophies.” So when I say that I am giving the LG G6 a participation award, I feel like I need to explain myself. Because in this case, it’s really a compliment. Read more

T-Mobile is shipping the Galaxy S8 early just like it did with the S7

T-Mobile is already shipping Samsung Galaxy S8 orders, as first spotted by Phandroid and Android Forums. The company already said the S8 and S8 Plus would arrive by April 19th — two days ahead of other retailers — but it’s possible they now could arrive even sooner. Easter might mess with deliveries slightly, but still, the shipments are imminent. The company shipped the Galaxy S7 early, too. Read more