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Video: Police handcuff man to van, drag him on ground

A video of policemen who handcuffed a man to their van, dragging him on the ground and subjecting him to other inhumane treatment has emerged online. In the video, a man could be seen lying on the ground with his left hand handcuffed to the body of a police van. Angry onlookers could also be heard casting […]May 16, 20170

T-Mobile ends its 200MB ‘free data for life’ offer for new tablets

Back in 2013, T-Mobile announced a “free data for life” deal that offered 200MB of cellular data per month to new tablet customers. But T-Mobile is now discontinuing the offer as of May 7th. The change was first spotted by TmoNews. Anyone who activated the 200MB plan before this week will be able to keep […]May 9, 20170


Every Android phone has always been a little compromised, and everybody knows it. There’s been a veil of bullshit between you and what Google intended on all of them. Sometimes that veil looks like ugly, bad, and usually unnecessary extra software. Sometimes it looks like a carrier failing to send out timely software updates. Other […]May 8, 20170
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