life is heavy

Hey my reallers,
How have you guys been?? I know its has been long but i just wanted to let you guys know that this month has just been hectic. Everything of mine has been going south as per where i am right now in my life. Its like i have reached the point where you can easily give up without even thinking twice but you do know us reallers we are not the type to give up easily. image
It might seem like a long journey now with the end far out of sight but such are the times that we tell ourselves that ” You know what!! Its clearly tougher than i expected. I need to get up or life will just tear me apart.”
Let us not give in to our challenges. Cause at some point you might feel like no one is recognising your work or not even appreciating what you are doing. Yes you will feel deverstated but come on now dear..its not about them,its about being you,being true to yourself and doing what you feel is good to you.
You might feel like everything is dark since nothing seems to go your way but i guess we all have to be patient and prayerful. If something is bound to happen then it will happen at its rightful time my reallers, but until then just hang in there.
After every hardship there comes a time you will be soring higher and higher. Why do you think they said after every storm comes a rainbow. It simply means hardships or challenges are not here to last, its just for a short while.
And also my dear reallers if you really want God to work miracles in your life, you must first go to Him with the little you have for Him to do wonders, don’t just go empty handed, even Jesus went before God with 5loaves and 2 fish, He was not empty handed.
That’s all for today my reallers. Remember we are in this together. No matter how this month is taking me, i might feel like giving up or just quiting but i can’t do that because i cherish my reallers( my readers) and i must deliver for you guys to be happy.
Much love from yours truly

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