The hot summer trend that needs to go away in a flash

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Tat’s enough, folks.

Although the flash tattoo trend has been alive and well since last year, lately brands far and wide, from Amazon to PacSun to reigning king flashtat.com, have been picking up on the inexpensive, temporary versions of the real deal — often described as “body jewelry” due to their shiny quality.

To which we say: Can this trend please die a quick death already?

The craze shows no signs of stopping. Thanks to Instagram heavy hitters like Beyoncé, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Khloé Kardashian, the tat tizzy has trickled into the mainstream and been co-opted by sorority girls worldwide (to sometimes harrowing results: In January, a student rushing at Virgina Tech admitted herself to Roanoke Memorial Hospital after learning that the appliqué wasn’t so easily removed — even after 24 hours.).

Elsewhere on social media, it’s nearly impossible to log on without seeing at least a handful of girls in their bikinis — red Solo cup in hand, natch — and, ah, yes, those shiny eyesores. It’s reached such a saturation point that even dudes are beginning to jump on the bandwagon, as a simple #flashtat search on Instagram reveals.

While there’s a slightly nostalgic element to the trend that conjures up memories of the Fruit Stripe gum and Cracker Jack tattoos of yore — making them almost cool — the overuse of chevrons is suffocating; the wanderlusty photos are so contrived, it’s cringeworthy.

And that’s to say nothing of its practicalities: Have sensitive skin? Flash tats are probably an allergic reaction waiting to happen. Plus, SPF deteriorates the quality of the so-called “body jewelry,” leaving the user either with a flaky tat or a lovely farmer’s tan in the shape du jour.

Check out the flash frenzy in the gallery above.

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