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Ethnicty in Nigeria Politics And Recent appointments of Muhammad Buhari.

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Ethnic and religious conflicts are assuming an alarming dimension that their
management has become eminent in a peaceful and democratic Nigeria. The
transfer of power from the military to civilian in 1999 witnessed a rising spate
of ethnic, religious and communal conflicts with devastating consequences on
lives and property. The study relied on conflict theory of Karl Marx to explain
ethnic and religious conflicts in Nigeria, and the challenges of peace building
in a multi-ethnic society. Qualitative research method was used to collect data
through focus group discussion and indepth interviews.It was discovered that
ethnic and religious conflict occur at both intra ethnic/religious and inter
ethnic/religious level. The victims include both private and public properties
and loss of lives. The consequences of ethnic and religious conflicts in Nigeria
are so many on both the victims and the image of the country abroad. It was
recommended that for ethnic conflicts to be managed, there must be justice
and equity in the Nigerian political system. The people must be the centre and main purpose for government irrespective of their ethnic or religious affiliations.

To think that the great country Nigeria Giants of Africa,haven’t solved their biggest phobia of the late 90’s till date.Which is the problem of ethnics and groups. Are we divided? Yes I think.. Every other citizen of the country would say yes. But it is just a normal activity of every developing country,Basically we have different ethnics and groups,popularity brought about YORUBA, HAUSA, IGBO.

As a tool for insecurity. Nigeria has been going through series of attacks which is internal. Meaning we are killing ourselves with our hands.we are divided.. What brought about boko haram? Boko haram came years after the Niger delta militants,This group of persons attacking the country saw that the Niger delta militants were killing raving and all ways of attacks to the country before boko haram(north) , But during this time we had a good president (UMAR MUSA YAR ADUA) some people would call him Messiah,he gave the Niger delta(South) amnesty and even created jobs for them. So they could drop their attacks,rapidly they stopped when they already got their selfish interest then after boko haram came. We shouldn’t be asking what this boko haram people want or need for their actions they want the government to give them a huge part too like how they have given the Niger delta militants. But since they are not getting it. They are growing wild and getting connections arround the world which now seems unstoppable.

Recently the elections came and we saw the results. There was a southern candidate and a northern man. If we went through the results of the election you would see the effect of tribalism and ethical problems.. President buhari won largely from the north alone while the other man Goodluck Jonathan got loads of votes from the south too. Since then I started observing we are going back to how we were before independence and at the early stage of independence.

Reader,To make this simple and more understanding .President Muhammed buhari have started his appointments and if we have been following trends from the beginning to the end of the recent appointments are largely people from the north. And the igbo(south) from the south are already complaining which is making the governance a little bit hard and a set back.. Before his aide femi adesina went on air this afternoon to say the president would balance appointments equally among the people. Nigerians don’t even look at how Competent? Or what are the qualifications of the person given appointment? They just go through the name and check the state he is from if it’s from were they are not from.. They start given negative utterances. It’s not the first time this is happening during the last government. The then president Goodluck Jonathan appointed people from the south too, there were few hausa the north.

What is the solution to this ethnical problems because we can’t have a white as a president. The president is still going to come from a group or ethnic. How does he favour all groups and ethnics that didn’t even support him?

Most developing countries are ethnically
diverse. For many years, social sciences preferred
to ignore the brute fact of ethnic identity. More
recently, evidence is accumulating that is
detrimental to economic performance.
Journalistic accounts of wars in Rwanda, Somalia,
Sudan, and several other countries of sub-
Saharan Africa in the 1990s have raised concern
that ethnic cleavages and overlapping affiliations
of religion and race may undermine prospects
for economic and political development in much
of Africa.
Ethnic diversity may lead to increased civil
strife. This perception is fostered both by some
graphic individual scenes of inter ethnic violence,
and by an aggregate correlation: Africa has not
only the highest ethnic diversity, but also the
highest incidence of civil war. Potentially, this
might account for the detrimental economic
effects of diversity. In countries of traditional
stability, ethnic conflict is becoming an increasing
factor. In Kenya, ethnic tensions related to multiparty
elections resulted in the deaths of 1,500
people between late 1991 and late 1993. Additional
deaths have occurred in relation to the election
in 1997, including post election recriminations
against non-government voting areas in early
January 1998. South Africa lost 14,000 citizens
due to the racial and ethnic violence, which was
part of transition to majority rule between 1990
and 1994.
Several other conflicts, which have affected
Africans, are prominent in Sudan; a civil conflict
stretching back four decades has pitted the Arab-
Moslem North against the non-Arab Christian
and animist south. The most current phase, which
began in 1993, has resulted in the deaths of about
one million people due either directly to the war
or starvation caused by the war. Often in such
conflicts food deprivation is used as an
instrument of war. Because of government control
of the media and the drawn out nature of the
conflict, it is mostly forgotten by Western
society. More dramatic events recently has
focused on Rwanda where Hutus staged a
slaughter of Tutsis resulting in an estimated
300,000 deaths in the first half of 1994 and an
additional 20,000 in the refugee camps of
neighboring countries, where a total of 1.7 million
people had been displaced.

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