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Has Lagos forgotten BRF too soon? | The Premium Herald

Has Lagos forgotten BRF too soon?


How does a saint turn evil overnight? How did a role model of many turn out to be their enemy? How did the mega city, bridge builder become the breaker in months?

Recently everything is been going all and round about the former governor of Lagos state been corrupt.( Babatunde Raji fashola) which many in the past while he was governor gave all their praise and support that even if he goes for the president of Nigeria they would vote him in. Was it because of how Lagos was redefined and turned into a mega city or because of his personality?
Fashola has been accused of spending N78.3m on a personal website, N139m on the construction of two boreholes at the Lagos House, Ikeja, among other allegations.

Everything would come and go. That’s the case of human and Lagosians.. Since this allegations came they have forgotten the good deeds of BRF and are against him holding a public office, it’s looks like it is working out because president Muhammadu buhari named his Sgf and chief of staff already.. Which even before elections many had already given the chief of staff post to fashola or rather he becomes a minister.

Fashola had been widely chosen for the position largely on account of his organisational acumen and strides in Lagos as governor. However, local political opponents of the former governor, especially within the All Progressives Congress, APC were said to have been largely uncomfortable with his possible emergence as chief of staff, a position they believed would have given him the impetus to dominate the Southwest APC political leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
Though Tinubu has recently denied his personal involvement in the campaign against Fashola that was mounted through publication of allegedly inflated contract awards by his administration, his close associates were, however, known to have deployed other political schemes to knock Fashola out of contention for either the position of SGF or Chief of Staff.

His party (APC) has since then strongly be at his back.. A spokesperson of the party going against all what’s is surrounding the former governor said “Fashola is not a hut builder. So, he built a bridge for N29bn? You can decide to build a bridge for N5bn. Anybody who is interested in standards can build a bridge for N100bn. .

We should watch and check if this recent allegations would affect him becoming a minister of the federal Republic of Nigeria.

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