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Is fall’s hottest shoe a status symbol — or a crime against fashion?



Sitting down on the second floor of Bloomingdale’s, I slip a fur-lined loafer over my swollen, aching foot. It feels like a warm hug from a cuddly cocker spaniel puppy.

After all, I’ve spent all day trying to track down a pair in my size 8. In this Lexington Avenue shopping mecca, I’m finally able to find fashion’s brass ring of the season — Gucci’s $995 kangaroo-fur-lined unisex loafer with horse-bit detail.

As I ponder the hefty price tag, a tall salesman approaches.

“It’s the only pair in your size. We won’t have them very long,” he warns. Then he whips out his iPhone, pulling up the brand’s ad, which has been prominently displayed in every fashion magazine from Vogue to Marie Claire this month. It features a woman’s loafer-clad foot dangling out of a car window.

Gucci introduced the unisex “Princetown” loafers in February, and they say it’s their most popular shoe in years.Photo: Getty Images


“My husband and I travel, and I want to hang my foot out of the window just like this,” the salesman gushes, adding that Bloomingdale’s doesn’t have them in his large size, so he’s going to forgo his employee discount to buy them at retail price elsewhere.

“It’s worth it,” he says with the pie-eyed conviction of a cult member.

He’s not the only one lusting after them. These distant cousins of your grandma’s house shoes, from Gucci’s “Princetown” line of fur-trimmed kicks, is the most buzzed-about shoe of the fall. said they were “head over heels” for the shoe.


A recent post breathlessly proclaims: “It comes as no surprise that the chief item on’s shopping list was those fur-lined loafers: A grand total of five staffers had it down as a must-buy for fall.”

Fashion heavyweights like designer Marc Jacobs, British stylist Katie Grand, and bloggers Man Repeller and Bryanboy have already Instagrammed themselves in the fuzzy soles.

Outside Missoni (photo via @andreabalza)

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“It’s this season’s statement shoe that screams luxe in a new way, much like Céline’s fur Birkenstocks a few seasons ago,” says Yahoo Style’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Zee. “Fashion people love something that is a new take on something familiar. Like Céline’s fur Birks [$785], this fur and horse-bit loafer does the same. It’s a classic, timeless item given a new luxe spin.”

And the nearly four-figure price tag isn’t slowing down shoppers.

“Designer shoes are expensive now, and knowing how many people paid for those Céline [spring 2013] Birks, I think this will have just as many waiting for them, if not more,” Zee says.

While a Gucci representative didn’t respond to a question regarding actual sales, a salesman at their Madison Avenue store said it’s the most popular shoe they’ve had in years. When I ask if they have a pair in my size, he lets out a yelp.

“We probably won’t get them in your size until October,” he says. “They flew out of here.”

To some, all of this frenzy is farcical.

After a looooong day (and week!) of work, it sure feels good to be lounging around the house and relaxing!

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“My colleague came in wearing them the other day. If he [were] a friend and not a co-worker, I would have told him, ‘You’re wearing Teddy Ruxpin,’ ” says Mordechai Rubinstein, a fashion publicist who moonlights as street-fashion photographer “Mister Mort.”

Rubinstein says he’s been hearing about the loafers nonstop from his female friends and colleagues. But he won’t be purchasing the shoes for himself.

“I don’t want to get on the subway with the fur hanging down and dragging on the ground,” he says. “Maybe I’d get them if I had a fireplace and people over for a party where I could sit on my fancy couch. They’re limousine shoes.”

But Leandra Medine, of the popular fashion blog Man Repeller, snapped up a pair in July and hasn’t waited for fall to sport the furry shoes. In August — which saw temperatures in the 90s — she paired them with denim cutoffs and blouses. She even wears them while going to fitness classes that don’t require sneakers.

“They’re quite comfortable,” Medine says. “They look nice on the foot, were styled well on the runway, and maintain a familiar comfort — a logo [the horse-bit] that has been around so long, people can connect with it emotionally.”

The collection includes the slipper as well as a fur-lined clog and a slingback red pump. The line signals an auspicious restart for the storied Italian fashion house, which is now under the stewardship of creative director Alessandro Michele. During his inaugural shows for men in January and women in February, the previously unknown designer rolled out the surprising accessories to much fanfare.

“I think he’s doing a phenomenal job at the house,” says Medine. “The accessories are seeing a sort of face-lift that respects old house tradition while adopting a more modern point of view.”

But the fur has already drawn criticism from some animal rights activists.

Theory: with the right lighting system in place, you can make your own sunset whenever, wherever

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“Kangaroos in particular are highly social creatures,” Daniel Ramp, director of the Centre for Compassionate Conservation at the University of Technology, Sydney, told news site Quartz last month. “They’re a wild animal, and they need to be left alone.”

A spokesperson for Kering, the company that owns Gucci, confirmed to the site that the fur was from wild kangaroos, but insisted it was harvested under their guidelines, qualifying as “sustainable.”

The line comes at a time when fashionistas are hungry for pelts used in unconventional ways, says Erica Russo, Bloomingdale’s fashion director for accessories and beauty.

And don’t forget the Gucci goat-fur explosion

A model sports the shoes in Gucci’s Autumn/Winter 2015 show in Milan

Nope, that’s not Donald Trump’s hair — it’s an $1,800 slip-on from Gucci’s new “Princetown” collection. Call it the Cousin Itt to the popular leather, fur-lined loafer.

Unlike its slightly more dignified counterpart, which is merely stuffed with kangaroo fur, this slipper is completely covered with genuine goat hair, with the signature Gucci horse-bit detail buried in the pelt. It has a leather sole and is categorized online as a “salon shoe.”

The hirsute slide hasn’t yet hit stores, and a company source tells The Post there were only 20 pairs made for the entire United States. So don’t get your hopes up.

Department stores such as Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s currently have it on their websites for preorder, meaning it likely won’t arrive for months.

“I have seen it on social media. People are both raving and lambasting it,” says Bevy Smith, host of Bravo’s “Fashion Queens.”

“You can go to a dollar store and get those pink ones and save so much money.”

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Two Nigerian men arrested with fake South African passports in Thailand



Nong Khai immigration police, Thailand on Monday October 16th, arrested two Nigerian men who were found to be using fake passports.

The Nigerian nationals bearing the names Katego Ofentse Makabane and Wayne Junior Shinbambo, both 35, attempted to cross the border to Laos at the Thai-Laos Friendship Bridge.

They told immigration officers they were going to the South African embassy in Vientiane.
However, when officers checked their South African passports they discovered a number of discrepancies.

During further questioning the two men confessed to using fake South African passports and admitted they actually from Nigeria.

One man said he had entered Thailand at Phuket Airport while the other said he entered at Padang Besar.

The men said a friend in Thailand made the fake passports for them after their original passports had expired.

© 2017, Ikrueyen Vickky. All rights reserved.

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From Europe to Silicon Valley: McLoughlin and Rein on their journey at Disrupt Berlin



Graffiti on Berlin Wall, Berlin, GermanyTechCrunch Disrupt Berlin, our premier European event is fast approaching this December. And that means some of the top players from Silicon Valley will be coming over.
In this context, we are always interested in the experiences of European entrepreneurs who have made the transition from a successful European startup to joining the ecosystem in Silicon Valley. So we’re delighted to announce two new speakers for the conference who have been through that very journey. And not only that, one ended up investing in the other, making for an even more fascinating conversation.Andy McLoughlin
SoftTech VC

Andy is a Partner with SoftTech VC, one of Silicon Valley’s most active seed-stage venture capital firms where he primarily invests in SaaS, vertical industry solutions, and developer tools.
Prior to joining SoftTech, Andy was co-founder of London-headquartered Huddle, an enterprise SaaS collaboration platform that was acquired in 2017. Andy’s angel investment portfolio includes innovative B2B products like Pipedrive, Intercom, Apiary (acquired by Oracle), Buffer and Bugsnag, as well as consumer services including Postmates, Secret Escapes, HER, and Calm.
Andy co-founded and is the US Trustee for the Founders Pledge, a charity that promotes altruism in early-stage entrepreneurs by enabling them to donate a percentage of personal proceeds following an exit. He was awarded an OBE in the 2015 Queen’s birthday honors list for services to the UK technology industry. Follow him on twitter @bandrew

Timo Rein

Timo Rein, co-founder and CEO of Pipedrive an activity-based simple sales management tool that helps over 60,000 sales teams to get more organised and focused, has 15+ years of experience as a salesman, sales manager and software entrepreneur. Timo is passionate about sales tactics and has always had a knack for reading people.

As CEO, Timo is responsible for setting long-term product vision and business-critical strategy goals. While Pipedrive has grown to over 300 employees working from different locations in New York, Lisbon, London and Estonia, Timo is still closely involved in the hiring process of new people and helps to find the best possible professional and personal fit between the new employee, the job or the rest of the team.

Prior to founding Pipedrive Timo worked for eleven years as one of the three partners at Vain & Partners, a sales consulting and training company with clientele like PwC, Coca Cola and Nissan. Timo’s goal was to create programs that would help different companies and people sell more, and manage better. Timo worked with about 30-40 companies, and 500 people each year to figure out ways to better sales results in different industries.

Timo also considers selling books door-to-door for 3 months in 2000 (in California, US) with Southwestern Comp, crucial to his sales experience that was eventually put to use as the architecture of Pipedrive. He was in top 1% performers among 4,000 sales people and while he never thought he was the type of person who could sell, he pulled off 14-hour-long days, 6 days a week, and 12 weeks in a row.

Timo’s first full-time job as a university student was a recruiter when he worked for four years interviewing people applying for managerial and specialist positions in different companies. Timo studied psychology at Tartu University and completed his BA studies in 1999.

Disrupt Berlin 2017 takes place December 4-5 at the historic Arena Berlin in the heart of Berlin, Germany.

Get your Disrupt tickets ASAP or rather right now to save 30% off of your tickets. You’ll see the Startup Battlefield competition, in which a handful of startups pitch our judges with the hopes of winning the coveted Disrupt Cup and a massive cash prize.

And you’ll get to chat with representatives from scores of promising startups in Startup Alley, see amazing on stage content, and unwind after a long day at the show with a cocktail and some new friends at the Disrupt after party.

Are you a startup? The Startup Alley Exhibitor Package is your best bet to get the greatest exposure by exhibiting your company or product directly on the Disrupt Berlin show floor and if you get your exhibitor package before this Friday 29 September you’ll get an additional general admission ticket! Check it out.



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Nigerian News

Man goes temporarily insane after wife gives birth to conjoined babies in Lagos.



A man was so distraught when his wife gave birth to conjoined twin baby boys that he became temporarily insane.

Mr Obinna Ugwuoke, from Ebonyi state, and his wife Mrs Amarachi Ugwoke welcomed their sons at First Covenant Hospital in Satellite Town, Lagos on the 8th of May 2 017. The couple, who have two other children, were shocked when they saw that their sons were joined at the stomach and it took a toll on the husband.

The boys have four separate legs, two separate heads, and four hands but are fused from the chest down to the stomach. They have been named James and John.

The parents are awaiting a surgery to separate their sons and their parish has begun raising money to help pay for the medical expenses.

© 2017, Sunday Emmanuel. All rights reserved.

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“Beautiful Ones (Acoustic)” from Beautiful Ones (Acoustic) – Single by Hurts. Released: 2017. Track 1 of 1. Genre: Pop.