Akinwunmi Ambode and his Camera


Lagos wanted a photogenic governor and it got one Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.

Mr ambo, when would you be back ? , I’m sure when you arrive Lagos would return to its best again.

Citizens of Lagos state are not feeling the governor presence.. But the central government is working I guess that’s why the citizens are not complaining yet
Did he bribe his way from the opposition? Because I don’t see them coming at him, why is everyone coming for the president buhari government in 3 months. Do not say it’s to early to access his government. Check the past governors,
Was this how their 3 months went without any project?
If we can’t remember this past people, we can remember BRF, fashola came in days and even before he became governor Lagos was already in fear, just like the fear of buhari.. They were waiting on his first action, he created central business district, this people were there to make the roads clear of unwanted business, roadside shops were destroyed..we were hearing rumours of BRT for transport, governor ambode should let’s hear of something and expect it to come to pass, Eko akete can’t be boring.

Ambode cv was so neat he came as one educationalist, that was a great thing. I expect him to rush to the educational sector.. Lagos state university chased out its vice Chancellor and it’s operating like a on and off institution. Every new government before gaining power must have its manifesto, manifesto is even a long way, some government don’t practise it’s campaign manifesto in its first term, but an incoming government must have seen what needs change or something of emergency in the past government he would hurriedly want to attend to, does he mean the Babatunde fashola government was so perfect there’s nothing to attend to?
Akinwunmi Ambode should check fashola and president buhari’s body language.. The action. The fear in the civil servants when fashola came in is different from now. He sacked the Lastma head and everything about transportation went in disarray, what governor would say something and wouldn’t enforce it.. If accidents are natural occurrence.. My governor said no truck or tank operator should move in the day again, not even up to 24hrs after making this statement. Tanks started falling again in the day in about 2 places in Lagos state.
Lagosians won’t come for Ambode until they no longer have power (electricity)& again.We thank BRF for taking care of power before he left office Lagos is lightened up.. Fashola took care of power.
Island Power Project.Akute Power Project.AES BergeElsewedy ProjectAlausa Power Project
We hope this present government doesn’t switch everything off.
  We hope that the progress witnessed under Fashola will not all be completely lost in a matter of months.

Ambode isn’t a grassroot man, he mentioned local government development.. There’s nothing like that we have witnessed
Ambode has the mandate of Lagos. He needs to put that mandate to work. The people need to start feeling his presence – in policies, in projects, in productivity. The State once produced an outstanding Governor. It does not need an encore in these very difficult times.

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