New iPhones, iPads and even lifesaving watch apps on the way

Buying an Apple may be better than ever for your health, thanks to new innovations revealed at the tech giant’s annual product unveiling Wednesday.

The Apple Watch is getting a speedy new software update — watchOS2 — which allows doctors to use an app called AirStrip to track patients’ vital signs, view records and send secure messages to other staffers as they make their rounds.

“[It’s a] game-changer for health care,” declared Dr. Cameron Powell, president of app-maker Air Strip Technologies, during the two-hour event at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

The watch has lifesaving potential for expectant moms — allowing doctors to remotely monitor contractions and fetal heart rates from miles away when used with a special system, called Sense4Baby.

It conforms to federal privacy laws by confirming a doctor’s identity, so records can only be viewed by a patient’s health care providers.

Fashion-forward consumers can feel good — and look good, too — in leather Hermès bands for the watches, which will be available next month, starting at $1,100.

The timepiece updates were among a slew of eagerly anticipated announcements made by Apple CEO Tim Cook — including a voice-controlled Apple TV and the new, selfie-ready iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

he phones’ enhanced selfie features come courtesy of new 3D Touch technology, which can sense how hard users are pressing the gadget’s glossy screen, triggering shortcuts and mini menus so users can “pop in and out” of apps.

The tech lets users skip a step and click “take selfie” from a drop-down menu that appears — without opening the camera app.

“Sometimes you need to take that emergency selfie, and you want to get directly to the selfie camera. Well, now you can!” gushed Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, Craig Federighi.

The phones give new life to pictures with “Live Photos” — a new camera option that records a second and a half of video before and after a photo is snapped, to enable “moving pictures.”

The sleek phones, which come with Apple’s new iOS9 operating system, can be bought with a rose gold finish and feature touch ID sensors that are twice as fast.

They’re also sturdier than ever, built with 7000-series aluminum, an aircraft-grade material.

An iPhone 6s will cost $199 and the larger iPhone 6s Plus clocks in at $299 with a phone contract.

Both will be available in stores Sept. 25.

The company also revealed it’s going bigger than ever with the iPad.

The new, 1.57-pound iPad Pro, which starts at $799, measures 12.9 inches diagonally and sports four speakers, a 10-hour battery life and 5.6 million pixels.

Its A9X chip is 1.8 times faster that the previous version, and users can multi-task by keeping two apps open on the same screen.

“It’s the most capable and powerful iPad we’ve ever created,” boasted Cook.

Apple teamed up with rivals Adobe and Microsoft to bring products such as Word and Excel to the new tablet.

If size doesn’t matter, a new iPad mini is also being offered for $399.

The company has also revamped its Apple TV — opening it up to app-creating developers and outfitting it with a voice-controlled “Siri remote” so users can shout at their TV and finally have it listen.

Miss a line while you’re watching? Simply say, “What did she say?” and the program will skip back 15 seconds.

But consumers will have to shell out more for the beefed-up entertainment system — the price starts at $149, up from $69.


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