Lagos Local Government most useless tier of Government


Alimosho 1,277,714
2 Ajeromi-Ifelodun 684,105
3 Kosofe 665,393
4 Mushin 633,009
5 Oshodi-Isolo 621,509
6 Ojo 598,071
7 Ikorodu 535,619
8 Surulere 503,975
9 Agege 459,939
10 Ifako-Ijaye 427,878
11 Shomolu 402,673
12 Amuwo-Odofin 318,166
13 Lagos Mainland 317,720
14 Ikeja 313,196
15 Eti-Osa 287,785
16 Badagry 241,093
17 Apapa 217,362
18 Lagos Island 209,437
19 Epe 181,409
20 Ibeju-Lekki 117,481
Lagos State 9,013,534

Textbooks would tell you ”A local government is the government at a local level established by law to perform specific functions within defined areas’

Do local governments perform this attributes listed with it?
If you tell me a local government is a government at a local level, The chairman of My local government is not even close to local, his wife children are abroad, he spends most of his time there.

Reasons why local government are created. To bring government closer to the people at grassroots. I would ask you when last did you see the councilor of your street? Not to talk of your local government chairman.
I won’t be going more and more on local governments generally. As a resident of Lagos state I would write about Lagos local government.

Local government in Lagos are tools of compensation for political leaders and class during or after elections.
Why can’t a youth be the chairman of a local government, why must it be ex senators, ex assembly man, ex public office holder. Lagos local government has been a tool of compensation to political class, if you contest for something the godfathers want they would advice you to leave it and make sure you get something in the local government on community citizens that are blind of what’s going on.
I can say it’s the most corrupt tier too, you can’t check this people. The assembly that’s suppose to do the checking won’t, because the assembly man know verily he is coming back to them for his re election bid.

Local government in Lagos barely make something for its residents. What are the works of councilors,? If you’re not the type who is political focused. You wouldn’t know the names of this people or how they look like, if little damages occur in the community you come out to blame  the state or central government in Abuja. Why are you not going for your local government head and it’s Council. This people get more money and capital than a working civil servant. They are barely checked  they are free tier in the government system. If the state government send things or work to be implemented on your local government, does it get to you, how would president Muhammadu buhari come to your street to repair your street for you.
This things are easy things we should know, the local government are tools for us as citizens to reach the state government, they are not there to fund someone that lost his election so he can belong to a place or office. Do you know your local government can provide jobs for you. But it won’t. Most of the people there are politicians they believe the local governments are just needed during election period to count .
The first premise is lack of autonomy for Local government in Nigeria. They are nothing but paying points for the collection of Local government staff salaries and wages.If you have ever been to a Local government in Lagos, the mess in there would baffle a novice you can’t get any thing without tips. I will say they are next to Nigeria police in corruption index. The chairman gets allocation from federal and state joint account and pays the regular staff while the remaining 50% ghost workers salary is retained by him and his cronies.
This tier of the government is neglected and it really needs urgent performance. The residents have right over their local government, their functions include:
1. Construction and maintenance of
roads, streets, drains and other public highways, parks, open spaces, or such public facilities as may be prescribed from time to time by the House of
Assembly of a State.
2. Establishment, maintenance and regulation of markets, motor parks and public conveniences.
3. Provision and maintenance Of public conveniences and refuse disposal.
4. The provision and maintenance of primary education
5. The development of agriculture and natural resources, other than the exploitation of minerals, and
the provision and maintenance of health services.
Huge amounts are allocated to them monthly yet they can’t execute a little project.
80% of Lagosians don’t know their Local Government Chairmen, they don’t even know the role of a local government chairman. That’s why most of them blame every failure on the president while the LGA chairman who failed in his responsibility will get away with it.

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