Celebrating Independence in Era of change


Giant of Africa Nigeria is gradually improving, internationally we are making great waves and been in the news headlines for the right things.

The Era of change
We got a new president who suddenly makes every citizen want to be interested in it’s government affair, citizens of Nigeria now charge their, assembly , senators, President for good governance. In the first phase of the new government has been mainly on the fight against corruption which has serve for many years the main tool of destroying the country. In regard to the body language of President Muhammadu buhari, many looters and politicians have limited their stealing and looting of the country capital.

Celebrating 55 years
It has been a tough road, year all long. This country have been facing challenges, we won’t be broken ethnically. Insecurity won’t stop us. The Nigeria military promised to stop insurgency in the north east by December, it as if though the past government didn’t charge the military to work, there have been changes in the security system,
Nigeria stood firmly in the search of the chibok girls which have been widely known and with the help of the military they hope the girls would be back.

In this short note I wish the country happy independence.

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